About Us

When we created Ashford Executive Search we didn’t want to be one of those pompous search firms who only do things their way. We wanted to show flexibility in our approach in order to suit our client’s needs when recruiting at different levels of seniority and for varying skill sets.

Search is our core methodology and it can be fantastic for sourcing that shortage skill or senior post, but there are definite benefits to contingent and search models. We wanted to create a business that can react to the needs of the situation and avoid ever selling the wrong solution. This is hard work. It’s not easy to have the tools in place to work in these different manners but we find that our clients appreciate the options and therefore keep coming back to us.

In addition, we don’t just want to talk to a candidate about a single role. If you are looking for a new role and speaking to a specialist in your market, we are sure that you want them to find you other options. Our key words are innovation and adaptability.

Focussing on finance and accountancy candidates allows us to be market specialists with the accompanying in depth knowledge of the sectors that we work in. This something the pure search specialists who cover many specialisms cannot always claim.

Our people are talented. We invest huge amounts of time in recruiting the best candidates, either by experience or aptitude, and just as much time in training and developing them. After all, how could you trust a search firm to find you the right person if they can’t do it themselves!

We take a long term view on all of our business dealings. This has enabled us to build strong relationships with major firms who invest in sourcing the best talent available.

Finally, we realise that our role is important to both our clients and our candidates and that we need to take our responsibilities seriously, but we do try to make the process enjoyable and most of all, worthwhile.